A new way of

We deliver streaming
media campaigns to build
brands & get results.

We deliver streaming
media campaigns to build
brands & get results.

Programmatic Advertising is the new way of buying advertising space. Rather than buying broadcast media directly from individual networks, we buy streamed Ads across all networks at the same time. We use data and technology to achieve efficient and effective reach and frequency.

We target audiences using a multitude of factors including postcodes, age or gender across Catch up TV, Streaming Audio, Digital Billboards & other media.

Crucially, we can measure & optimise these media channels for greater efficiency.

Our AdUnion Platform unifies client sales data with advertising data to match Connected TV ad views to online sales by households in Australia.

We now have a Cost per Sale (CPS/CPA) for Connected TV Ads, giving clear ROI and ROAS metrics.

Working in union.

These things are really important to us, and we
seek clients and partners who share these
values & aspirations:

  • Integrity - Core to our approach
  • Transparency - Clarity and completeness in our communications and disclosure
  • Immersion - Genuine understanding of your business
  • Commitment - Always doing our utmost to achieve the desired results
  • Evolution - taking inspiration from new opportunities
  • Celebration - Recognising and sharing success
Working in Union..

Media we use

Catch up TV

BVOD, Connected TV

Streaming Audio

Spotify, Soundcloud,

Digital OOH

Billboards, Gyms,
Shopping Centres

Some of our media partners

Industry Leading ROI Reporting

Industry Leading ROI Reporting

AdUnion Platform

We unify your Advertising data and your Analytics data
to see the daily impact of your campaign activity on
your KPIs.

  • Full transparency on media spend and results
  • We directly measure if your catch up TV Ad resulted in an online sale
  • Understand and measure the impact TV or Radio is having on your web searches and online traffic
  • Alignment of digital media performance with broadcast media
  • Measure effectiveness of Billboards and Print
  • Learn, Optimise and Improve

The AdUnion team

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Media Director

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Commercial Director

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Campaign Manager

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Campaign Executive

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Finance & Data Lead

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Campaign Manager

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Account Executive

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