A new breed of

We deliver marketing
strategies to build
brands & get results.

We deliver marketing
strategies to build
brands & get results.

Marketing can be complicated but it doesn't have to be. We work
closely with you to understand your business and develop
marketing strategies that drive real business outcomes.

Working in union.

These things are really important to us, and we
seek clients and partners who share these
values & aspirations:

  • Integrity - Core to our approach
  • Transparency - Clarity and completeness in our communications and disclosure
  • Immersion - Genuine understanding of your business
  • Commitment - Always doing our utmost to achieve the desired results
  • Evolution - taking inspiration from new opportunities
  • Celebration - Recognising and sharing success
Working in Union..

Media we use

Emerging Streaming, Catchup TV, Spotify, Podcasts

Streaming, Catchup
TV, Spotify, Podcasts


Google, Social
Media, Display


TV, Radio, Out-of-
Home, Print, Cinema

Our media partners

Industry Leading ROI Reporting

Industry Leading ROI Reporting

Unified Attribution Platform (UAP)

We unify your Advertising data & your Analytics data
to see the daily impact of your campaign activity on
your KPIs.

  • Full transparency on media spend and results
  • We directly measure if your catch up TV Ad resulted in an online sale
  • Understand & measure the impact TV or Radio is having on your web searches & online traffic
  • Alignment of digital media performance with broadcast media
  • Measure effectiveness of Billboards & Print
  • Learn, Optimise & Improve

The AdUnion team

Rob Ong

Media Director

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Adam Shalagin

Commercial Director

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Marc Brauer

Social Lead

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Darren Vassallo

Search Lead

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Gavan Flower

Finance & Data Lead

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Current Vacancies

Media Planner & Buyer Lead

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